J666ERA coming out to Play

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J666ERA coming out to Play

Post by paul » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:41 pm

Been of the road since 2011, not really had a reason to have it on the road as Katie was racing every weekend and it only ever really went to shows.

Been started regularly but checking it over.

Fitted two rear cylinder Ceased solid, exhaust rubber mountings all cracked, 4 tyres. Cleaned flasher and hazard units and spades on hazard switch.

Took it for a MOT and it went straight through.

Tax tomorrow.

Running crap, which it has since it went to hitec in 2009. Will change oil and filters and give it a service and then book it in and get southam to rolling road it. may have to put hi los on first and probably front cones.

But was great to drive it after 3 years again.

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Re: J666ERA coming out to Play

Post by Jezza » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:25 pm

Good to have you back - say hello to mine when you are down at SMMC as it spends almost as much time there as it does on the road - back there Saturday with non starting problem (only got it back from them last Saturday...).
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Re: J666ERA coming out to Play

Post by paul » Mon Jul 14, 2014 12:05 pm

Been on road a couple of weeks, only school prom a trip to Southam to pick up a friend dropping off his mini there to be sorted. Took it out on its first decent run yesterday and reminded me of how it drove, since it was set up! on Hi Tecs rolling road.

Gutless low down then the sound of the Turbo spooling then wallop it all arrives at once and its like ice on fire. Trying to cruise at 50mph enforced speed limit nightmare, lumpy as hell, trying to pull away from that horrible in 4th. Drop it boot it brilliant. Cruises lovely at 75 plus.

Gave it a good test on the off road test track err near Jnc3 to Jnc2 M6 and pulls strongly not as good as it ran out of go at 90-95 where as it could pull 110 on the test track in Holland.

Temperature really started to build at speed knocking on door of 100 and oil temp rising to 105 so backed it off and came in.

It seems to to eject its oil from the dashpot and when it does the horrible running about 50mph is worse which must be the dash pot fluttering up and down.

Going to pull the plugs and have a look see what they are like and replace them. Fit a new thermostat and flush cooling and oil and filter.

Need to fit Hi/lo's before getting it over to Southam.

Sounds all bad but it was great to have it back on the road after 3 years.

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