Finding a new grille for ERA Turbo?

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Finding a new grille for ERA Turbo?

Post by eranz » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:54 am

Hi guys,

I'm in New Zealand and I'm trying to find a new grille for my Japanese spec ERA Turbo.

The plastic on my one is now very brittle and there are only two holes left for me to attach it to the car - the rest of the areas have snapped off!

What are my options? Do you know of any companies that make a replica?

I've heard that the Innocenti grill is similar? Maybe you know of someone with a spare?

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Re: Finding a new grille for ERA Turbo?

Post by an old original » Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:54 pm

The grille does come from a late innocenti model but are exceedingly rare. No one currently makes them but they do occasionally come up on eBay, if you have deep pockets! One with the hole for external release come up for around £100+, without the release slot, as on the ERA, upwards of £300+

As an aside you'll find most of us using...

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Re: Finding a new grille for ERA Turbo?

Post by arrian » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:07 am

Hi, out of interest where are in NZ are you based (I'm in Auckland)? There are a couple of NZ era owners either on the forum or the Facebook group. I have been debating making a replica as mine is missing it's original grill when I have the time.

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